The national competition of the European Money Quiz has been completed

Nearly 500 primary and secondary school students from all over the country took part in the national competition of the European Money Quiz, which, as in other European countries, was held through the electronic platform Kahoot!

The quiz is a project of the European Banking Federation and aims to motivate schools and teaching staff in Europe to invest more in the financial education of students aged 13 to 15. The Insurance Supervision Agency, as well as other regulatory institutions, each within its competence, provided unreserved support in preparing the tests and questions focused in the area of insurance and insurance supervision.

– The first prize was awarded to Edon Hambari from the primary school “Ismail Kjemali” from Skopje, under the mentorship of Merita Tairi

– The second prize was awarded by Andrej Shumanski from the primary school “Kiril Pejcinovic” from Skopje, under the mentorship of Aleksandra Boshkovska-Spasovska.

– The third prize was awarded to Antonio Jordanoski from the elementary school “Rampo Levkata” from Prilep, under the mentorship of Ilcho Jordanoski.

Due to Covid-19 pandemic this year, national competitions in several European countries, including ours, were held in a different way comparable to last year – with online participation and individual student performances, without teams. Before the competition, the internal testing in the schools covered about 5500 students, which is a confirmation that at the moment this is the most massive event of a competitive-educational character intended for young people organized in our country.

The official closing of the European Money Quiz for 2020 will be held online, on June 16, with a grand finale in English, where in addition to students, mentors and parents, everybody interested in financial education is invited. The event will feature the winners of national competitions for young people aged 13 to 15, including Edon Hambari. The European Banking Federation will also promote its Financial Literacy Report in Europe.

The experiences that financial institutions gain during the corona crisis once again confirm the importance of investing in financial education and in encouraging greater financial inclusion of the population. All institutions that participate and support the organization of the European Money Quiz in our country continue their activities in this area, the process in which the experience gained in planning the same, will be used further.

The winner of the national competition of the European Money Quiz, as well as the students who won the second and third prize and their mentors will be awarded accordingly.